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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cara: Pumpkin Mania

Along with redecorating the house there's always holidays that roll around that require special decorating. Here are some pumpkin inspired craft for fall. These are some of my supplies:

Pumpkin Topiary

I used cheese pumpkins for this. I have recently discovered them and I just love their natural color and shape. They are just a nice change from the usual orange ones. I hear they make a mean pumpkin pie too. I love topiaries in general. When I saw these online I was inspired to make my own. For the topiary I used three gradual sized cheese pumpkins with the biggest on the bottom. I painted the bottom one with gold metallic craft paint thinned with a little water.

The middle one I used pearl white metallic craft paint. While the middle pumpkin was still wet I used a dry paint brush to wipe some paint off to let some of the real pumpkin color show through. The top one I mixed both colors together and did the same thing with the dry brush.

When the paint was dry I sprayed the bottoms of each with a clear spray to keep them from rotting too much. I would like to keep them until Thanksgiving.

WHen that was dry I stacked them on top of each other and secure them with a little hot glue here and there to make sure they don't start rolling over the house. This is the finished product. 
I tied some pretty pumpkin wired ribbon on top. I like it. I am keeping it on my front foyer table hopefully through Thanksgiving.

Paper Bag Pumpkins


These are SO easy and cute! I made them for the first time years ago with my Brownie troop. You will need a regular paper lunch bag, orange and green spray paint, raffia and newspaper.

Spray the bottom 3/4 of the bag with orange spray paint all the way around. Then spray the top 1/4 of the bag with green spray paint all the way around. When it's all dry stuff it with newspaper up to the orange part. Tie it off with raffia at the "stem". Tadaa. Paper pumpkins! A bunch look cute in a basket, or you can just sit some on a shelf like I did! Cute and it!

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